Goals and Methods


We aim to help young people

- Gain admission to choice universities and build competence for choice careers

- Reach their full potential and set themselves up for success

- Enjoy intellectual exploration and create new things on their own

- Tackle problems strategically and execute objectives determinedly

- Acquire life skills and balance their attributes

- Discover their strengths and find their life meaning


We achieve this by

- Focusing on Asian clients’ needs

- Offering expert mentorship

- Tailoring personal service

- Brainstorming winning strategies

- Providing new opportunities and rich knowhow

- Sharing success stories




Every child has the potential to live life meaningfully, and deserves an opportunity to develop themselves fully. One of such opportunities is a good university education. Mental maturity takes time and experience to grow, and like physiological puberty differs amongst youngsters.


Often talented students find themselves unable to secure a spot at a university of their choice because they have not yet reached a stage in life where they can make wise choices that enable them to build a successful profile. These students benefit from guidance which helps them accelerate their learning and avoid the opportunity cost of lost time to blossom in high school and subsequently to maximize their potential in university. A good education paves way for successful careers and lifelong spiritual growth.


Assurance provides this guidance. We are led by teachers who did well when they were students and have had many years of experience coaching youngsters to succeed. We want our students to have the choices and the platform to do whatever they want in their lives. In turn, these young men and women's personal accomplishments enable them to become active contributors in society. Our expertise, innovative methods and personalized strategy allow us to guarantee delivered results, or else we provide a full refund.



Assurance maintains presences in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. All of our consultants are from top universities such as Wharton, Harvard, Stanford, Penn & Cornell.